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Earthwork and Dirtwork in Lafayette La

Earthwork Service

We specialize in moving dirt. Whether you need pavement preparation, pad building, mass excavation, retention and detention ponds, or finish grading, we have a capable team that will make it happen. Our team can help to stabilizing your soil, creating a foundation that is worth building on. Ask about our soil stabilizing dirt work.

What is Earthwork?

Earthwork refers to the process of moving or modifying large quantities of soil or rock to prepare an area for construction or landscaping projects. It is a fundamental aspect of civil engineering and construction that involves the excavation, transportation, and deposition of earth materials. Here are the key components and purposes of earthwork:

  • Excavation: This involves removing soil or rock from a site to create foundations for buildings, reservoirs, or tunnels, or to remove unwanted earth material. Excavation can be classified into different types such as topsoil excavation, rock excavation, and muck excavation, depending on the material being removed.

  • Filling: Also known as embankment or backfilling, this process involves adding soil or rock to a site to raise the ground level, create slopes, or fill in holes or depressions. The material used for filling must be suitable for providing stable ground for construction purposes.

  • Grading: This is the process of leveling or sloping the ground surface to a desired shape and elevation. Grading is crucial for creating a stable base for construction, ensuring proper drainage, and preventing erosion.

  • Compaction: After the earth is moved, it is often necessary to compact the soil to increase its density and stability. Compaction reduces the air gaps between the soil particles, thereby increasing its load-bearing capacity and reducing the risk of settlement or shifting.

Earthwork is a critical initial step in many construction projects, including building roads, bridges, buildings, and dams. It is also essential for landscaping and creating terrains for golf courses, parks, and other recreational areas. The success of an earthwork project depends on careful planning, surveying, and execution to ensure that the ground is prepared correctly for the intended use.


Jake Lensing Senior Estimator, PECI

Trace and I have worked together for a number of years. He has always provided costs in a timely and accurate manner. He has also managed multiple projects for us as a sitework contractor. The projects have always gone efficiently, on schedule, and within the budget he provided. He is a pleasure to work with.

Hunter McKay Project Executive, Rudick General Contractors

I have had the opportunity to work with Trace on multiple projects.  He has always been highly professional, accurate, and fair in operating his business. He approaches projects with a teamwork attitude that makes working with him a pleasure.  I am looking forward to working with him on future projects.

Joseph Myhand Vice President of Louisiana Foundation Solutions.

Cypress Civil and Development is a knowledgeable firm and a pleasure to deal with throughout the construction process. Their years of experience help prove that they can handle any issue that comes up! Cypress Civil and Development stands behind a quality product.

Ben Murphy Triad Construction Services, LLC

My experience with Cypress Civil & Development and Trace Ledet has exceeded expectations. From preconstruction design to final dress of a commercial construction project, Cypress Civil provided communication and follow through, from start to finish. There has been several projects that Trace took the time to evaluate geo-tech reports and propose economical solutions prior to breaking ground. Overall, I highly recommend Cypress Civil & Development and Trace for any civil construction estimates, budgets, or future projects.

Rick Warren Co-Owner, Triad Construction Services

Triad Construction has worked directly with Trace on several commercial new construction projects. He is very knowledgeable in his field. Whenever unforeseen conditions have arisen, as can happen with the various soil conditions in our area, Trace has been pro-active in finding the most cost-effective solutions. Due to his fair pricing and experience in the field, we would strongly recommend using Cypress Civil & Development for your site work and drainage needs.


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